Product Features

Our products are made with high quality materials, allowing fast absorption and maximum comfort. Allowing you to go about your daily activities with a peace of mind.

M Size

28″ to 45″ (72cm to 116cm)

M Size (10 Pieces) 

$6 (U.P $8)

28″ to 45″ (72cm to 116cm)
(Absorption 700ml)

L Size

32″ to 53″ (82cm to 135cm)

L Size (10 Pieces) 

$8 (U.P. $10)

32″ to 53″ (82cm to 135cm)
(Absorption 900ml)

XL Size

45″ to 58″ (114cm to 147cm)

XL Size (10 Pieces) 

$8 (U.P. $10)

45″ to 58″ (114cm to 147cm)
(Absorption 1000ml)


A growing and increasingly common condition, incontinence happens for a number of reasons. However, it does not have to impact your lives.

Apex ElderCare’s adult diapers are suitable for young and old, and for woman and man.

What They Say?

“Apex ElderCare adult diapers have a high absorbency rate compared to other brands i have tried before, which makes it easy on the skin. Preventing any leakage and reduces any odour. Very good quality.

Mr Koh

“Great product quality, and very comfortable to wear. The waist is adjustable which makes it very convenient. Very affordable pricing too.

Mrs Lim

“Decided to try this brand, after using other brands for a long time. Happy that I switched to Apex ElderCare and will be sticking with it. Good pricing compared to other products, and with superior quality“
Mdm Tan

“Apex Eldercare adult diaper quality are the best of its kind. Cheap & good quality. Has switched to Apex Eldercare until another better quality product comes along.

Mr Wong

“Purchased for my granddad. Promotion was a Great buy for the quality of the diapers! Value for the money. Thank you!!

Ms Chloe