About Us

About Us

We Understand Incontinence

Being relatives of our loved ones who experience incontinence themselves, we understand the effects of incontinence on their daily lives. We have therefore made it our mission to provide the highest quality of adult diapers, at affordable prices.

Hence, Apex ElderCare Adult Diapers!

What Makes Our

Product Superior

01 | Standing Inner Leak

Soft and wider gusset help stop leakage to minimize embrassment.

02 | Soft Ventilative and

Non-woven with soft and fine ventilative properties enable fluid to pass through quickly and not flow back to keep the skin dry and comfortable.

03 | Refastenable Tapes

Refastenable front tapes, good for multiple applications and easy to use.

04 | High Flow Channel

The specially-designed flow channels allow faster flow over the entire pad for quicker absorbent providing a dryer surface.