10 Bags (100 Pieces) M Size. Apex ElderCare Adult Diapers

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– 10 bags for $59 (Usual $80)
– Free Delivery with 10 Bags & Above

M Size: 28inch to 45inch (72cm to 116cm)

$59.00 $80.00

Apex ElderCare’s products are high quality yet affordable. Soft, breathable, comfortable, with anti-leakage, highly absorbent with refastenable straps.

  1. Standing Inner Leak Guards 
    – Soft & wider gusset help stops leakage
  2. Soft Ventilative &  Comfortable 
    – Non Woven with soft and fine ventilative properties enable fluid to pass through quickly and not flow back. Keeping the skin dry and comfortable
  3. Refastenable Tapes
    – Refastenable front tapes, good for multiple applications and easy to use.
  4. High Flow Channel
    – The specially designed flow channels allow faster flow over the entire pad for quicker absorption. Providing a dryer surface.